At the beginning of the new year, south-central Chile occurred about 50 cases of forest fire, killing at least 24000 hectares of True Religion Jeans Outlet were burned, hundreds of houses were destroyed, the central Bio-Bio region a paper mill was completely destroyed and 1 people were killed.
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The Chilean Presidential Palace 2 days morning held a press conference said, according to the national emergency office data, only in the past two days occurred in 48 cases of forest fire, of True Religion Jeans Outlet which 13 have been extinguished, 20 fires under control, 15 place is still spreading. The authorities have to fire the most serious Magellan, Bio-Bio and Maule three regions announced red state of emergency.
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In the southern magallanes region, Paine National Park since last month 29 days after a forest fire, over 700 firefighters the True Religion Jeans Outlet fire at night, 6 fires have 4 under control. Preliminary investigation shows, park fire department in a 23 year-old Israeli tourists in forest fire caused by, the people have been arrested and charged with arson.
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1, February is summer in the southern hemisphere and Paine National Park Tourist season. Fire not only expected to park caused True Religion Jeans Outlet millions of dollars in direct economic losses, but also forced the park temporarily closed for a month, about 200000 tourist itinerary, but local hotel and restaurant industry. The park is destroyed forest ecosystem is expected to take 60 years to restore at least.
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Chile President Piniela announces 2 days has True Religion Jeans Outlet been submitted to Congress to act, enacted in 1931 and are still in use requires modification of the" forest law", in order to increase the fire responsibility person punishment, constructs the forest fire prevention of interdepartmental coordination mechanism, establish special national parks conservation plan, True Religion Jeans Outlet strengthening the private forest daily fire safety norms. Chile current law on fire accidentally caused the fire by responsible only to 61 days detention and the amount limited fine.

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