relevant domestic departments of this test standard test, it is difficult to find alternative products, and will greatly enhance the cost. "Despite this, and other products to foreign countries, once they are found unqualified to be seized, which caused greater damage to the enterprise." Secretary-General Wu Yiheng foreign branchOakley Sunglasses that is not without worries.

Wenzhou Jin Garments Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhu Yali Europe, recently went to Shanghai to find specifically the authority of SGS International Certification Company, asked to do PFOS detected. But was told that this test is currently no indicator of the company.

City Quality and Technical Supervision and Testing Institute, Oakley Sunglasses cheap the responsible person admits Exit Inspection and Quarantine, the testing is currently no standard test methods are not even. Wenzhou Light Quality and Technical Supervision and Inspection Institute, director of product testing Lin Ou Wen said, for this new standard, foreign and even test methods are confidential. Therefore, to cope with great difficulty.

Response: to find alternatives to choose the supplier

Currently, Zhu Yali is actively looking for alternatives (not found). She said that in the absence of test time, only their own checks, once you find a suitable alternative,Cheap Oakleys we should contract with the fabric suppliers, control of pollution sources.

Wenzhou Textile Exit Inspection and Quarantine Department official said, the strength of the textile PFOS for large enterprises to accelerate the development of products and upgrade production technology, improve product environmental requirements. SMEs should be a reasonable choice of provider, cheap oakley sunglasses will meet the environmental requirements of textile manufacturers as a long-term supplier. At the same time, as soon as possible to communicate with importers in Europe, the choice of alternative products to step up, testing and application in order to reduce losses caused by the implementation of directives. The relevant departments will have to step up collection of technical standards, organizational strength of response, to enhance detection m

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