Recently, a former worked in a large well-known domestic enterprises senior management personnel, a well-known executive search firm in the country's repeatedly invited and contributed, the official appointed to the city a business, as Brand Director.Ugg boots outlet This is a lot less affected by the financial crisis, the industry leading brands, efforts are being made to conduct a job - by the "machine" reserves the elite, updated employment mechanism.

NDRC statistics show that the SMEs Division first half of 2008, nearly 70,000 small and medium-scale closure of the above, each has led to the collapse of a business hundreds or even thousands of employees lost their jobs, some layoffs of large enterprises wage cheap uggs reductions have led to the flow of senior personnel.

"Right now the talent pool is the perfect time." Jinjiang a well-known shoe, said vice president in charge of human resources, enterprises in the "winter" when it should strengthen the talent pool and staff training. Peace by actively recruiting more difficult to recruit a variety of high-quality talent, strengthen personnel reserve,uggs for cheap enterprises can prepare for the next wave of development. He believes that talent is the core resource, business owners, human resource managers have long-term only by sight more, the way companies can go further.

Although the economic crisis, now is not lack of people most businesses, but came "door" of the outstanding senior cheap ugg boots talent, companies are still under the strokes started.Ugg outlet Recently, this reporter from the special step, Anta, Erke and other famous enterprises understand that these companies have a new talent pool in the implementation plan, special-step plan before the end of 10 recruiting center director, has been through several well-known executive search 5 pre-hire companies, were organized in human resources, brand, research and development center posts, the introduction of these new executives from large domestic and foreign famous enterprises and more.

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