In a few days, Anta will be held in Xiamen of a large-scale job fairs, involving more than 30 shoes design, management,Oakley Sunglasses procurement, human resources management and other departments in the executive jobs help wanted, including more senior management positions, Deputy Director 3 . Chairman and CEO of ANTA Ding Zhizhong that business at this time should be most Lianhaoneigong, but should focus on their core competencies fuss. The talent is undoubtedly one of the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Developed very rapidly in recent years the recent Pan-pan of food is also vigorously recruiting, jobs in finance, sales, infrastructure class-based. Next year plans to set Oakley Sunglasses cheap up a branch in Beijing, Pan-pan, said food chairman Cai Wenliang, set up a Beijing branch of the important role of institutions of higher learning in China is close Cheap Oakleys to the most concentrated areas, where higher education is one of the highest concentration of talent. The rapid development of the company in recent years, human resources bottlenecks are more and more obvious in the future companies may have to face the market, further expand the scale of new challenges, not to absorb and train high-quality personnel is clearly not. □ reporter Guo Jianping

D, Marketing Innovation

Product is the basis for a brand, is the premise of a brand to the market, if the product does not exist, all of cheap oakley sunglasses the question. However, the birth of a brand, a product of course is not enough light, only the people want to buy your product, your product talked about, the brand can build up in the process, marketing to become the most crucial part. Now, many companies are secretly Quanzhou force, and working on new marketing strategies to marketing plans for next year even better than the competition.

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