north face outlet November 1, reported:
Beijing on Thursday (November 3) morning 03 points 45 points, will be the Champions League Group C match, Manchester United vs. Jia Ladi, it was a Manchester United must win the game.
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The group of seven points Benfica, Manchester United 5 points, 4 points Basel, Galati 0, the current round of Benfica vs Basel, Manchester United vs Galati. If Benfica and Manchester United both win, then this group who only suspense will be the first. Benfica and Manchester United were defeated in the last round away Basel and Galati, the strength of obvious advantages. The visiting team, the Basel qualifying hopes to retain at least not lose, Galati you need to win on the road it is almost impossible.
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Last weekend's league, Wayne Rooney's starting position of a surprise, he actually returned to the midfield and defensive midfielder Fletcher partner, a position so that Rooney's offensive capabilities are not fully display, the audience is only 1 away Rooney shot, the goal is difficult to form an effective direct threat.
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Rooney kicking midfielder Ferguson arrangements, it is clear that Anderson, Carrick, who do not trust the ability, kicking midfielder Wayne Rooney in attack on his passing ability and awareness there is no problem, Rooney running hard on defense and body position against the strong sense can make up some of the flaws, he is still qualified to play midfielder, better than several other genuine midfielder also good, but so arranged Rooney, no doubt to make their trump card strips Rooney the last round has not smile. Last round of the arrangement, in the end is the occasional emergency or will become the norm, this will give an answer.
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In the Manchester derby defeat, to adjust the starting wrath of Ferguson, Rio Ferdinand, Nani last weekend, the league have been abandoned, after the two men are the absolute backbone of a punitive one that everyone can understand, but the punishment I am afraid that too many games will make the squad feeling of insecurity. The field Vidic suspended, Rio Ferdinand should be starting, but Nani and Valencia will need to compete, fortunately Valencia this season has been very sluggish, Nani is quite likely to return to the starting big.
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Manchester City's derby defeat to Manchester United close to 37 games unbeaten home record of the race passed away, but also to the pain in the side of the fans, this is the first home defeat after the game, Manchester United to a victory over up and down definitely want to comfort fans . Jia Ladi is the Champions League race this season, one of the weakest teams in the group stage so far did not get points only into a ball, which is home to Manchester United once again start a record in the "right" opponent.
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Manchester United (442): Linde Gardner / - Phil Jones, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra / Nani, Anderson, Carrick, Giggs / Rooney, Hernandez
Jia Ladi (451): / Pena, Ke Siting, La, / Antal, Giurgiu, Philip, Guinea ancient, Fu Lunze /

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