Ozil's performance this season, although until now not to mention the bad, but it is also the fact that less than last season, Kaka's strong recovery for the German genius seemed to be somewhat dim, Kaka in the Champions League this week, there are likely to report off, Ozil need play to force a war.
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According to the "Aspen" the latest news, fight off this week in Lyon Champions League Real Madrid, Mourinho replaced Ozil likely to make excellent recent performance as the main playmaker Kaka, which I have to Ozil is a great opportunity, because recent past, the German state and the status of Yin Kaka strong recovery team is affected.
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War to the moment of the season, although Ozil has played in the Champions League and La Liga 13 times, but he did not 1 starts playing in the audience, squad reached as many as four games of the season compared with the previous data is significantly less than the .Men's North Face Jackets The beginning of the 2010/11 season, Ozil is the first round of the league and the Champions League game against Auxerre against Mallorca at the bench, as the other sessions are starting.
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In addition, they have seen, over the same period last season finished Ozil scored three goals and six assists this season, until now the ball is 0 4 assists, as a year in Real Madrid and has accumulated rich experience in second grade players, Ozil quarter performance was significantly less than the previous quarter, eye-catching, which makes Madrid, whom the media confused.
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Through this series of data it is easy to see why Mourinho has been recently re-did how Ozil, crazy hope all competitions last season, 7 goals 24 assists 39 war German days to look at themselves in the performance of the bench. However, as the "Aspen" mentioned, Mourinho will not ignore Ozil down the value of this week in the Champions League showdown with Lyon, North Face Denali Women's Jackets Mike Mussina will be possible to Kaka holiday, Brazilian leg some discomfort, which pretty much-needed data to produce a complete Ozil is absolutely gorgeous turn are a good opportunity.

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