largest, but also the strongest grip in the smooth glass surface, the angle of sixty degrees to produce only when sliding, the friction coefficient even more than a year, engraved CRAZY8 (the first year of natural feet using technology). Not only that, BCOOL the uggs outlet outer edge and the heel end of the round to take the treatment, can produce effects similar to natural feet outsole. According to the players exercise habits, BCOOL out at the end of the seven major points on the force, carried on the key design, we can see the designer's heart wrenching. In summary, BCOOL although not by too much cutting-edge shoe technology, but the existing technology on its uggs store head, so that overall performance shoes to reach high levels. Jiaogan and protection of injuries last year, after Duncan wearing DCOOL2 to wear back then DCOOL, the reason is obvious, it is because DCOOL2 the upper low, in the end and emphasis, can not occupy the paint off the Duncan often provide adequate protection. DCOOL, while not the most technologically sophisticated products, but very good for ankle protection. BCOOL protective reached an unprecedented height, not only as simple as increasing the height of the upper, upper lateral thickening of flexibility within the sponge, like two pieces of positive and negative relative to the magnet, tightly wrap the ankle. The upper surface of the large-scale ventilation group, the new generation is an important part cheap ugg boots of CLIMACOOL system. BCOOL large front palm, ankle tied good package, the only downside is its support for the central weakness of shoes,ugg boots for cheap if the shoe breathable central three bars of the material used to replace the existing TPU soft rubber, can improve the supporting body of the shoe sex. Buying advice and hope that the end may adidas basketball shoes Duncan as the first smart card spokesperson, so I did not take much effort to BCOOL to promote, but in fact, this is precisely what convinced BCOOL and Duncan adidas as a strength, not play . "Good wine needs no bush", excellent performance, perfectly into the shoes, natural to worry about sales. ugg outletEven on the commercial version of the signature does not appear the words DUNCAN (United States appear three kinds of color are embroidered in the toe part of the name of Duncan), BCOOL collection also has a relatively high significance, so good shoes, or should be in the field reflect its value!

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