In recent years, some weak schools Bazhua as art and physical education studies of breakthrough, achieved very good results;ugg outletin some key high school to a higher level, the body also attached considerable importance to the arts. This is a good thing, but it also brings some negative or adverse effects. How best to reduce the negative factors, so that art and physical education that a more brilliant bloom it? Individual schools should be strengthened rhythmic teacher in effectively reduce the burden on students. From a practical point of view, some weak schools, art and physical teacher is still quite lacking. A school, there is only the third year arts student body of more than 300 year alone, however, teachers in art and physical but only six people, art and physical education are also more bogey big pot, how good they can take? So students are forced to look outside the school teacher, school teachers good and bad, high fees, but also difficult to guarantee the quality of teaching. For example,uggs outlet a high school class 2010 in a field more than 20 students in a school training, the results "annihilated", not an art student body on the line. This can be a painful lesson, students do not learn the arts not only the body of knowledge, but also on a million spent learning costs, and increase the burden of many families of students so that students have a feeling fooled, which is the development of art and physical education negative effects. So based on the current school teachers to enhance art and physical team building, not only to strongly enriched on the team, but also to optimize the quality, so that they can take the school art and physical education development and the needs of the majority of art and physical needs of students. If not able to achieve the introduction of community art and physical education can also power, but must strengthen their sense of responsibility, so that students can learn something. At the same time to regulate the fees of the Arts student body, which may require the cooperation of other departments, such as the price department, etc., can not be a disorderly market. Schools should coordinate all student art and physical training and study the relationship between cultural studies. In such schools, there are often art and physical training time and learning culture phenomenon collision course of time, art and physical teachers want students to spend more time on the body in the arts and cultural studies teachers want students to spend more time in the cultural class,ugg mall form a on the contradictions, trade-off will adversely affect students, so teachers and art and physical culture class teacher to reach consensus, which requires schools to coordinate. Art body of a school great number of candidates on the line, but do not increase the results of culture results, only a few students achieved less than the number of on-line art and physical one-fifth, we can say there is no coordination between the parties is a typical good examples. To consult together to find the golden section points, so that the students body and learning cultural studies Liberal Arts and the perfect combination. Art is the only way to go in a more healthy body on the road! Each school to coordinate arts and cultural Teachers Teachers in the treatment. Can say that part of the treatment far more than art and physical culture teachers, class teachers of the treatment, if protracted, must affect the school art and physical education in the further development is not conducive to the development of the school. This really is a difficult problem, but both the gap is too large,louboutin shoes is not conducive to the formation of force, their own way will lead to the development of art and physical imbalance. This requires what to do in the interests of a choice. Each school has to look for a solution based on the actual. Each school to school art and physical education on the development of good planning. People Proverb worries. Art and physical education also need to do the actual situation in each school planning. Teachers in planning, teaching establishments in the planning, programming, and so the number of students. Pay close attention to art and physical education in schools is necessary, at the same time coordinate all aspects of the relationship.2011 nfl super bowl From school, from teachers, from students, from all aspects of the family to reach a more consistent view, and work together to make art and physical education, and stronger. To train a number of countries and a number of "smashing" talent!

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