Thierry Janssen : l'impact de la respiration consciente sur nos 3 cerveaux

Publié le 10 septembre 2008

La Docteur gynécologue Bérengère Arnal, fondatrice de l'association "Au sein des femmes" interview le Docteur psychologue Thierry Janssen à l'occasion de la sortie de son livre "La maladie a-t-elle un sens ?"

Plus d'infos sur le site et sur le site de l'association

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Bonsoir,Pouvez vous mÃ

Bonsoir,Pouvez vous méclaircir ce paassge :  » Ces plateformes n’ont qu’un seul but et même si on le cache, elles sont en ligne pour entuber Google. Pour se faire, elles créaient du lien afin de manipuler l’algorithme et augmenter artificiellement la popularité d’un site pour que celui-ci grimpe dans les SERP. »Je vous remercie.

Par Serkan le 11 août 2012 à 13h20
AAB knows his credibility,

AAB knows his credibility, initgrety and whatever "-ity" he has is slowly being chipped off by TDM's outbursts. His mishandling of the disclosure issue with Red Dot Com, pope's apology and LKY's non-apology reveals more and more of his incompentency.AAB has been on the 'charm' offensive, starting with the 'kedai kopi' talkshow in August and recently, on CNN, trying to regain lost grounds. Nonetheless, his efforts made things worse due to his inabilty to look and sound convincing. His interviews are turning out to be P.R. disasters because he is neither intelligent nor eloquent enough to present a strong image. Hence, we hear him say:"I am the PM", "This is my vision","I still have and command...big mandate", "The people want me to do what I want to do(sic)"which reflects the utterings of a desperate person.Then, there were rumblings within UMNO itself. Sacking a member for his blog revelations about the UMNO leadership despite the disciplinary board's recomendation for other methods of censure. Plus that guy from KB(sorry, no time to check). Postponing the UMNO election.With the UMNO GA due in Nov'06, AAB is grasping at any straw available to him. Meeting TDM at this juncture will make AAB look good in facing the delegates. Nothing substantial will materialise within 3 weeks from this meeting. The DeepaRaya activities will get star billing in NST, etc. Just enough for AAB to create the perception of reconciliation and plan the next move. A witness does not fit into AAB's scheme. And, perhaps, he is already saying "NO" to TDM. AAB is facing a hugh loss for BN in the next GE and he's hanging onto UMNO's tail where he is the undisputable commander-in-chief. Malays, in general, must realise that siding with the party which butters their bread ain't worth much if there ain't no bread in the first place. UMNO needs an 'extreme makeover' to be remain relevant to Malaysians.

Par Moysiko le 12 août 2012 à 05h07
Also, if you ask for a trial,

Also, if you ask for a trial, you're free to petition the pruoecotsr for a deal a reduction in the cost of the ticket in exchange for dropping the trial and pleading guilty. The more diligent you appear (making formal requests for disclosure of evidence, filing motions, etc.) the more determined to fight you will appear, and the better the deal the pruoecotsr is likely to offer you.

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